also offers Email hosting and Email forwarding services at very affordable rates. Access your Email from anywhere in the world through almost any browser or any Email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora. Our Email comes with support for most standard protocols like POP3, IMAP and SMTP.

Your Email address is for your own domain name. So, your Email can be instead of being just or

Aside from this you get the latest anti-virus and anti-spam protection so you don't have to be flooded with harmful and junk messages.

Our Email hosting plans are a great alternative to maintaining expensive and cumbersome in-house mail servers.

If you like, we can also do simple Email forwarding for you instead of hosting  for a low annual charge. Mail addressed to your domain can be sent any other valid account you specify.

We have a simple payment plan if you're looking for Email hosting. The first year costs $9.95 and every additional year you pay only $4.95 to keep your hosting active. 

For Email forwarding only, all it costs is $4.95 per year to have your Email redirected to the Email address of your choice.

Choose the option you like by clicking the appropriate image above or use the table below to pick a plan and click the Sign Up button to start the process.

Plan Price
Email Hosting - new registration $ 9.95
Email Hosting - additional year $ 4.95
Email Forwarding $ 4.95

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