Q: Is my order secure?
A: Yes.


To check this, click the VeriSign icon at the bottom of the page. You’ll get a message from VeriSign, Inc., verifying that our site is secure. VeriSign is the leading provider of digital trust services and verifies the security of over 400,000 websites.
Q: How can I be sure that my information has been encrypted?
A: Click the VeriSign icon at the bottom of the page. This sends a message to VeriSign, Inc., using the same encryption technology that we use to send your information. VeriSign receives the message and sends verification that the message they received was indeed encrypted. This is your assurance that your information is secure.
  1. What is a domain name and how does it work?
  2. Why should I register a domain name?
  3. What are the guidelines for choosing a domain name?
  4. What if the domain name I want is already taken?
  5. What Are the procedures for registering a .com, .net or .org domain name?
  6. What are the contacts on the domain name record and what is their authority?
  7. How long before my newly registered domain is available on the internet?
  8. When I register my domain, may I use name servers that do not end in .com .net or .org?
  9. What is DNS?
  10. How do I register a new Host or update a Host (DNS server)?
  11. What if I make a mistake in my domain name registration?
  12. How do I make changes to my domain name record?
  13. I need to change my e-mail account. What do I do?
  14. How long before changes I make to the name servers associated with my domain become active?
  15. How do I transfer my domain name from another registrar to BestRegistrar.com Management?
  16. When could there be a problem with a transfer of a domain name from another registrar to BestRegistrar.com ?
  17. How do I transfer ownership of my domain name to someone else?
  18. Why does my domain name registration not immediately show up on Whois?
  19. What is parking? Can I park my domain name at BestRegistrar.com?
  20. How long is my registration valid?
  21. What is "Whois"? Can I prevent information from being displayed when people use "whois" queries?
  22. I lost my email account and now I need to make changes to my domain name record.
  23. Should I choose a .com, a .net, or a .org domain name?
  24. I registered my domain name with all three extensions. Can I have all three names point to the same web site?
  25. Should I register all three extensions of my domain name?
  26. What is parking? Can I park my domain name at BestRegistrar.com?
  27. What if I do not have the required DNS numbers or IP addresses for registration?
  28. Why can't I register a domain name myself?
  29. When should I renew my domain name?
  30. Will BestRegistrar.com ever sell my email address or other information to any company or web marketer?
  31. What is a URL?
  32. What is ICANN?

I've read all of your 'Frequently Asked Questions' and still cannot find the answer to my question.

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