"What if I make a mistake in my domain name registration?"
"What if I register the wrong domain name?"

Some mistakes are easy to correct anytime. Information you supply about your domain name administrator, technical contacts and name servers can be changed at any time.

However you need to be very quick in alerting us to mistakes you may have made in the spelling of your domain name or the first lines of the contact information of the owner.

Usually, we can correct a misspelled domain name or incorrect ownership information without much ado if we are notified within three days of registration. We will still need to verify your request, so check your email often after you notify us for further instructions. In any case, after your initial registration, please review your domain name record very carefully on the whois for errors.

After the three days' grace period, all we can offer is to remove your registration from the registry at your request in the case of a misspelling (or if your boss threatens to sue you for registering the company name to yourself). However, your registration fee will not be refunded.


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