"When could there be a problem with a transfer of a domain name from another registrar to BestRegistrar.com?"

Sometimes the status of a domain does not allow for transfer:

A domain name cannot be transferred until at least 60 days has passed since it was first registered or last transferred between registrars.

Sometimes a domain name is frozen, locked or on hold by a registrar, either because the registrant requests it, a domain has expired, the name is in dispute or for nonpayment of fees.

The domain name may have expired and is no longer eligible for transfer. Though we are occasionally able to effect a transfer for an expired domain, a domain holder who wishes to change registrars should make every attempt to do so before the name expires.

The domain name was misspelled and does not exist in the registry, or there is a question that you requested the transfer in error.

Problems in transferring domains between registrars may also be because:

We could not verify that a transfer request came from the authorized registrant or administrator of the domain name.

The owner or administrator of the domain declined the transfer.

Registrar transfers are never done automatically. Each and every request is reviewed by our BestRegistrar.com staff. If we see a problem we think we can correct, we will work with you to try to solve the problem.


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