"How do I transfer ownership of my domain name to someone else?"

  • You may change owner details by logging into your account and by transferring the domain into another account at Bestregistrar.com, or
  • You may send an original copy of a notarized letter from the current owner of the name, preferably on company letterhead, unambiguously releasing ownership of the name to the recipient. The recipient of the name should give us the same type of notarized letter accepting the name. Both letters must also contain a statement that the persons accept and agree to the CORE registration agreement and dispute policy.

Send the letters to:
1418 South Third Street
Louisville, KY 40208 US

The registration agreement, disclaimer and dispute policy may be found on our web site by visiting the links, https://www.bestregistrar.com/reg_agreement/ and https://www.bestregistrar.com/dispute_policy/

We may additionally verify the request via email.


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