"Why does my domain name registration not show up on Whois?"

(domain name appears to be available especially when you go to another registrars site and perform a WHOIS search)

WHOIS information for a domain registered by BestRegistrar.com, or any registrar for that matter, may not show up immediately on every whois lookup, especially some competing registrars. There are many Whois programs currently running, and on some, there could be a delay as long as 24-48 hours before your domain name registration shows up. However, your domain is still registered, and no one can take it from you.

Receiving a message "No Results Found" or "No Match For . . ." after querying a recently registered domain through another registrar's WHOIS may be an indication that the registrar you are visiting does not display the WHOIS information of competing registrars. Actually attempting to register the domain will state that the domain "is not available or taken".

Some whois programs only return the URL of the registrar where you registered your name and not the complete registrant information. Go to that URL to check your name, and normal whois results will be returned.

Rarely, the registry may not be connecting for whois queries. You must keep in mind that although the Whois is amazingly accurate, it is not the final authority, regardless of the version, on domain registrations, and can be quirky at times. Normally, if you give the Whois a little time to synchronize with the central registry databases, it will correct itself and display the accurate information.


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