"What is parking? Can I park my domain name at BestRegistrar.com?"
"What if I do not have the required DNS numbers or IP addresses for registration?"

If you do not yet have a finished web site or web hosting service, but wish to register your name (before someone else does) for later use, you may "park" your domain name. That is, put it on ice for awhile.

Registries require the use of name servers or hosts for every domain registered. In other words, every domain name has to be linked to a name server for it to be valid. People who have not yet selected their hosting company or do not have their name server information, can "park" their domain name at BestRegistrar.com for no extra cost. We will supply our own DNS server information which you may change at any time.

A domain name may remain parked indefinitely, though we encourage you to begin using it as soon as possible. It takes many months and sometimes years for a web site to really get established on the Internet, and the earlier you start, the sooner you will begin to reap the rewards.


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