"What is DNS?"

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It's a database system used throughout the web to map friendly names into IP addresses. A DNS server runs special software to keep track of machine names, web site names, email servers, nicknames, and IP addresses of servers or host machines attached to a particular network, making it possible to access an Internet site by using (with ourselves as an example) BestRegistrar.com instead of it's IP address DNS also supports separate mappings between mail destinations and IP addresses, and a number of other complex functions.

When you register a domain name, you are asked to supply the names and addresses of two DNS servers where you will have your site hosted. Every web hosting service has its own DNS servers, and will supply the information to you on request. It is on these DNS servers that all of the details associated with addresses for your site, your email, etc. are entered and stored. If you ever change hosting services, you can modify your DNS server information my submitting the new information via our home page login.

As an example, when a person types a domain name into their browser, a query is sent to the Internet root servers. The answer from the root refers the request to the DNS servers you specify at registration (or latest modification). Those servers in turn send the request to the IP (numeric) address of your web page, which is then displayed in the browser. The whole DNS process usually takes only milliseconds.

If you have a computer running web server software, with a permanent connection to the internet, and with it's own static (unchanging) IP address, you may want to run your own DNS server using your own domain name. Affordable software is available on the web via download, the simplest starting at under $100. If you wish to do this, you will need to register your server, which is also called a host. Customers who have registered their domain name through BestRegistrar.com may register their hosts here when logged in.

If you have an internet dedicated web server (as above) and don't feel comfortable with programming your own DNS, BestRegistrar.com can provide DNS services for domains registered through us for $10 per year. You can select that option at the time you register your domain.

Excellent tutorials and information on DNS on the web may be found at sites such as



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